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This School Year Will be a Little Different

Schools are making changes to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Schools are critical sources of support in helping children learn, grow and thrive. In this challenging and uncertain time, Missouri educators and local public health experts are working together to determine community-specific guidelines for each school district to uphold safety and wellbeing of students, teachers and school staff.

We must use everything we have learned about safety precautions since the pandemic began to stop the spread at school and keep students, staff, and families healthy.

By making the recommended changes, we can improve our chances of having a safe and healthy school year.

Recommendations may change throughout the year.

Recommendations from schools and public health experts may change throughout the school year as we learn more about the virus and how it is transmitted.

For Educators

It will take the whole school community to adapt to learning during a pandemic. Everyone in the school has a role to play.




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For Parents and Kids

Returning to school is a big transition. Families can prepare their students for a healthy school year by discussing their school’s unique plans together and rehearsing healthy habits like mask wearing and hand washing at home.



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Preventing Spread of Other Illnesses

COVID-19 isn’t the only illness that can spread at school.

Students will still need to have their regular vaccinations to return to school. Families should make an appointment with their pediatrician or local public health office as soon as possible to avoid the back-to-school rush and make sure children are up to-date on their vaccinations.

Check the Requirements


The flu vaccine is extra important this year.

The flu and COVID-19 can have similar symptoms. By preventing the spread of flu in schools, we can decrease the number of people who need to be quarantined or isolated for these symptoms and prevent students from missing more days of school.

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